Dascoin Tokyo Event

Official news after the Tokyo event:

The most important information that everyone in the DasCoin project was waiting for was the start of the Exchange.
The stock market has started in a very effective way, because hologram was used, which showed for the first time the price of DasCoin which was €0.33 cent.



Some of the most important information that has been provided to us on September 30, 2017:

– The world’s first stock exchange based on Bolckchain technology has been opened
– “Validator Leger Nano S” has been handed over to the WebWallet portfolio
– Launching the WebWallet 2.0 wallet ”
– Start the app “DasNet” which is available for download in AppSore and Android Play Store
– Launch of the “Career Plan” for people recommending the DasCoin project
– Information on the establishment of a London headquarter
– Presenting new director and board member Anna Hejka
– Presenting new director and board member Augustine Ha Ton Vinh
– Presenting the new Marketing Director DasCoin Pascal van Knijff
– Presenting new DasCoin Brand Builder Eduardo Rossa
– Presenting a new person responsible for implementing DasNet and VPN applications Jovan Petrovic
– Discovery of the network “MasterNode”
– Presentation of the project “Blockchai Africa”
– Introducing new languages ​​on the DasCoin platform
– And the date of the next DasCoin events that are available in the DasNet application

So that -in a nutshell – was what happened at the Tokyo event and now in (November 23-26) we see another sunny event in Dubai and from there we will certainly pass a lot of hot information. Best Regards 🙂


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